Die süßen Hasen von The Majority Says finden wir nicht nur an Weihnachten gut. Der eingängige Schwedenpop passt auch zum Picknicken, Knutschen und Weinen, im Sommer wie im Frühling (Oh, Frühling!). Hanna Antonssons piepsige Stimme vereint dabei Ellie Goulding und wunderschöne Pop-Melodien, die einen innerlich zufrieden stimmen, egal, wie ernst die Band dabei schaut. Nach ihrer EP "Between Love and Simple Friends" arbeitet die Band am ihrem Debütalbum. Wir hoffen, sie packen uns eine kleine Lunchbox mit noch mehr beschwingtem Gedudel, das irgendwie immer passt. Dann laufen sie auch nicht mehr lange alleine.

Which was the first song you’ve ever danced to?

It must have been “Barbie girl” with Aqua, a real disco classic when we were kids.

Which was the last song you listened to?

We all listened to “Lucille” by Little Richard very recently, it’s our tour bus theme song. It always gets us in that “lets do a great show”-mood.

Which one's the song of your youth?

Which song makes you dance?

“About you now” – Timo Räisänen, originally performed by Sugababes, this song make all of our legs move.

Which song makes you enter the stage of a karaoke-bar?

“Im Gonna be (500 miles)” – The Proclaimers, we’ve sung this song a lot of times together, I don’t know if anyone has learned the lyrics yet though, a perfect choice for a karaoke-bar.

Which musical duo would you like to tear apart and take a part yourself?

Any duo from Chess, no doubts.

Which song makes you leave the club?

I don’t think any song makes us leave the club, we have great respect for all kinds of music, I think “Imagine” by John Lennon makes us want to go home and just take care of each other.

A song no one knows, but the whole world should listen to?

“Slow Moves” by Oh My! Not so many germans know of it I think.

Which song do you like - although you are embarrassed to admit it?

Which line from a song describes you best?

We’re six individuals, a song that describes us the best must be one of our own, “Where is the line between live or just pretend? Waisting our time over and over again, where is the line between love and simple friends? ”
From “Where is the line” – The Majority Says

What is the best Sweden-originated song?

A crazy dance song with almost no meaning at all, move your feet for gods sake.

What’s your soundtrack for the best night ever?

“Dancing queen” – Abba, no discussion.

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