Autumn in Berlin – 21 awesome Things to Do 2018

825 hours of sunshine later, the possibly best summer Berlin has seen in awhile has unfortunately come to an end. Of course we’re sad that our summer clothes are moving to the back of the closet for a while, but we’re also a little happy that summer is over. Because now autumn starts, and autumn in Berlin dowses the city in a deliciously golden light and brings us pumpkins, tasty mushroom foraging, comfy netflix evenings (minus the guilty conscience) and romantic walks amongst the autumn leaves. Here are other great things you can experience in Berlin this autumn.


© Daliah Hoffmann Crazy good breakfast and wine at 21 gramm

Berliners obviously have a soft spot for weird places, because since a pretty little café moved into a former cemetery hall in Kreuzberg, a second one has opened up in Neukölln. 21 gramm – if you’ve seen Alejandro González Iñárritus’ film, you’ll know what the name means – just moved into former cemetery ruins and offers an unbelievably nice atmosphere inside, and tasty breakfast dishes, wine and Flammkuchen on the outside terrace.


Richard Brunton | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Follow Harry’s, Hermione’s and Ron’s tracks at the Harry Potter exhibition

Possibly the best news for anyone who’s still secretly waiting for their Hogwarts letter: the legendary Harry Potter exhibition is finally coming to Filmpark Babelsberg. You can explore 1,600 square meters with the Hogwarts express, stumble through Hagrid’s hut, hang out in the Gryffindor common rooms and test all of your magical spell knowledge. The sorting hat will take over for anyone who still hasn’t figured out their house on Pottermore and we have nothing else to add besides: Alohomora!


© Marit Blossey A panorama hike around Bad Belzig

You can take in great views of Burg Eisenhardt and the historical town center during an extended walk around the town. If you start at the Belziger market square, you can see the nicely renovated buildings of the old town. Outside of the town a path leads along the Belzig stream and through the idyllic spa gardens around the thermal baths. If you feel like it you can also check out the KZ-Gedenkstätte (concentration camp memorial) Roederhof or the artworks along the international Kunstwanderweg (art hiking trail). The whole route is about 15 kilometers in total – it’s best to allow for four to five hours.


© Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy of Maloof Collection and Howard Greenberg Gallery, NY Vivian Maier at Willy-Brandt-Haus

The precarious financial situation of the former nanny forced her to foreclose all of her possessions in 2007. Until then no one had suspected what kind of a treasure was hidden in the drawers. The misfortune led to a meaningful coincidence and post mortem fame: the nanny Vivian Maier left 150.000 photographs of the streets of Chicago and New York in the 1950’s and 60’s, which lifted her to the heights of photographers such as Diane Arbus after her death.


© Matan Segev | Pexels Have cozy drinks and hang out in the ball pit at Sisyfass

Neukölln boasts a new bar from old acquaintances as of August 2018. The Sisyphos gang have created a new Stammtisch, date location and after-work-drinks spot with Sisyfass. Relax on the old, comfortable Chesterfield sofas and armchairs in front of the brick wall, on the wooden bar stools at the bar or our personal highlight: in the ball pit. Ball pit in a bar? Yes, you read that correctly!


© Milena Zwerenz Play an outdoor escape game in the forest

You’re a big fan of escape games or exit rooms? You’ve probably never played them this way: the climbing park Bad Saarow offers outdoor variations of games for four to ten participants in the forest: "You and your friends wake up tied up in the forest and have no recollection of what happened the night before. The only thing you know: you have one hour to free yourself before you fall prey to an imminent danger.” Exciting!


© Viktor Vasicesk | Unsplash Go on a mushroom excursion and cook them afterwards

Mushroom foraging is like going hiking: back in the day you “had to” go with your parents and didn’t really want to – but now, years later, you always pick out a couple of nice hiking trails during every vacation. Or you go mushroom foraging in the forest. But since that can also go terribly wrong, we recommend taking part in a mushroom seminar. That doesn’t sound that sexy, admittedly, but it’s pretty cool. The meeting points are different forests near Berlin, you can find the exact dates and places here. The group size is a maximum of 20 people so that the experts can answer all of your questions while you discuss and identify each finding. They can also tell you when and where it’s best to go mushroom foraging. Then nothing can get in the way of your tasty mushroom menu!


© Daliah Hoffmann Homemade pita, masabaha and a lot of pink at Shishi

If you know and love Yafo you should quickly make your way to Kreuzberg. Shishi, in a courtyard along Ritterstraße, opened in August – the second restaurant from Shani Ahiel. Israeli cuisine is made here, with the best local ingredients. The menu boasts classics like masabha, sirloin tartar, red beet carpaccio and much more. Besides the really good food they offer tasty drinks and host queer parties.


© Milena Zwerenz Visit Route44 in Neukölln

They were here long before the neighborhood between Rathaus Neukölln, Sonnenallee and Richardplatz became a mecca for “well-dressed” students, start-up founders and single-speed fans. Now German-Turkish Neukölln ladies are showing culturally-interested “newcomers” (Zugezogene) their homes and telling their personal stories, which offer an exciting peek into the Muslim community.


© Max Müller Enjoy high-quality German spirits and fabulous cocktails at the Schwelgerei

"Wine – Drinks – Popcorn – Homeland" – Schwelgerei in Neukölln made these four words it’s mission statement instead of a classic motto. What was originally planned to entail fancy drinks and German cuisine is now a pretty bar with fancy cocktails and high-quality German spirits. Our favorite is Rosemarie: rosemary-infused vodka, Oriental Mama Rose Lemonade and smoky rosemary.


© Daliah Hoffmann Go for a canoodle-filled walk at Park Babelsberg

If you have time for a long stroll, walk across the Glienicker Brücke (bridge) in the direction of Babelsbergspark. The east-west-border used to run through the middle of the bridge, now it just has two different shades of green. Lots of people always kiss at Park Babelsberg under the Gerichtslaube (court pergola) so it must be nice there. In winter the hill from the Schlossgarten is great for sledding – the view is amazing the entire year. And depending on where you walk you can take a detour to see the magnificent Schloss Babelsberg.


© Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Tour of Flughafen Tempelhof (Tempelhof Airport)

Nearly everyone has been to Tempelhofer Feld, and a couple have probably been in one of the hangars at the Berlin Festival, for example. The same probably doesn’t go for the tours of the former airport building. During a two-hour tour you can find out about the history of the airport: between national socialist ideology and a symbol of freedom during the German partition.


© Marit Blossey Relax and enjoy the saunas at SteinTherme

The SteinTherme in Bad Belzig is very modern and has six swimming and geothermal brine pools and seven (!) different saunas and herbal steam baths. There are various wellness and massage offerings as well – what else could you want?! You can allow for an entire day and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the swim-sauna-cooldown-sleep-repeat rhythm. If you don’t have enough time you can still treat yourself with the 2-hour evening deal – for example after a stroll through Bad Belzig or a hike through the green, peaceful surroundings.

  • SteinTherme Bad Belzig
  • Am Kurpark 15, 14806 Bad Belzig
  • Monday – Sunday: 10am–9pm
  • Day pass for bathing and sauna facilities: adults 28 euros, children 14 euros; 2-hour evening pass: adults 17 euros, children 9 euros
  • Mehr Info

© Spreewood Distillers Enjoy whiskey and tasty liqueurs at Spreewood in their courtyard garden

Whiskey made in Germany: at the Spreewood distillery, which has set up camp in Spreewald. Not only can you buy the tasty whiskey, you can also go for a tasting or tour to find out more about the secrets of the liquid gold. The premises is a great place to spend a whole day when the weather is a bit warmer: you can sip on tasty fairtrade coffee in the café and satisfy your hunger in the summer in their courtyard garden with barbecued morsels. Besides whiskey they also have different liqueurs – our favorite is Oma’s Apfelkuchen (Grandma’s apple cake) – or you can try the tasty Gurkengeist (“cucumber spirit”) that has over 40% alcohol content and packs quite a punch, but is made with real Spreewald cucumbers.


© Daliah Hoffmann Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and great food at Orania

If you go for a meal at the newly opened Orania in the boutique hotel of the same name, you can look forward to three things: a cozy atmosphere, food of the highest quality and friendly service. Colors like orange, red and yellow dominate the space and create a cozy ambiance. It’s really enjoyable to watch the team around head chef Philipp Vogel cooking – the open kitchen makes it possible. “Sharing is caring” is the motto, that’s why there’s an additional menu just for sharing dishes. Take note vegans and vegetarians: the focus at Orania is on high-quality meat.

do you read me

© James Mckinnon | FlickrCC BY-NC 2.0 Browse through books at Hacker & Presting

Every book at this little bookstore on Stuttgarter Platz has been hand-picked. You can find an array of literary insider’s tips along with current best sellers and new releases. You can come across titles here that you (unfortunately) won’t find anywhere else.


© Tante Lisbeth | Facebook Skittles at Tante Lisbeth

The Tante Lisbeth is a true allrounder – you can not only watch Tatort here, but also drink a cup of coffee or play skittles. And exactly as it should be: in a 70's style basement with wood panelled walls where our parents probably already played. You can basically hire the whole basement for 15 euros an hour for two skittles alleys and a cozy room to hang out in. And if you're clever and book the alley until 10pm you can sit around for a bit afterwards without noticing the hustle and bustle from above.


© Henning Kreitel Enjoy the traditional tavern Wilhelm Hoeck 1892

Wilhelm Hoeck 1892 is quite simply the most traditional pub – movies and TV shows have often been filmed here. Thankfully it's away from the usual tourist haunts with it's atmosphere and decor. Some of the regulars have been coming here for more than five decades. The outward apperance ranges from a lot of wooden paneling to a venerable copper Krupp cash register, as well as liquor barrels and photo wall.



© Brae Talon Go on an expedition at Labyrinth children’s museum

An interactive delight for children between the ages of three and eleven and parents who would like to finally finish an uninterrupted conversation in the attached café. The children’s museum is more like a huge exploratory paradise, where the kids have plenty of space to move around as well. The motto is “do it yourself and learn“ here, and that’s just how the exhibition’s themes are implemented.

  • Labyrinth Kindermuseum
  • Osloer Straße 12, 13359 Berlin
  • Friday – Saturday: 1pm – 6pm, Sunday & Holidays: 11am – 6pm, Berlin School Holidays: Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm, Saturday: 1pm – 6pm, Sunday & Holidays: 11am – 6pm

© Brae Talon Frolic to your heart’s content at Wuhlheide

The deciduous forest, with its 525 hectars, offers a satisfactory outlet for many a being or beast. And there’s something for every kind of interest: a recreation center including a swimming pool, a model park, an ecological island, Haus der Natur und Umwelt (a children’s zoo), a park train and tons of oak trees!   There’s also the Tomatenfisch, a greenhouse where tomatoes are grown, also inhabited by fish.


© Use GgmbH Visit endangered animals at Tierpark Neukölln

Kreuzberg and Neukölln are connected by a large patch of green – the Hasenheide park. This beautiful park between Hermannplatz and Südstern doesn’t only offer great stretches of green, an open air theater and an annual carnival – what once was a rabbit hunting green is now a place for endangered animals in the form of Tierpark Neukölln. The first occupants were foxes, goats and pheasants. Since then the population has continued to grow - turtles and birds of prey have joined the crowd. If you want to learn some more about these guys you should go drop in for a visit – the entrance is free!

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