Summer in Berlin – 21 awesome things to do

It’s official, it’s summer! Berlin glows as beautiful as during no other season of the year and we can’t help to love the open-air events all over town. But because you might not feel like following our specific daily recommondations all the time, we’ve put some thoughts into a list of things that you can do whenever you like. The best activities for the best summer in Berlin!


Listening to radio plays at Schloss Charlottenburg

“Herr Lehmann” is a great book and even better as radio play with the voices of actor Bjarne Mädel and others. If you like to listen to the story, you should pay a visit to Schloss Charlottenburg’s backyard. Every Saturday they present different radio plays there.


© Laurent Burst Craft-Beer at “Alte Börse”

Berlins craft-beer scene is booming, and basically, you only have to choose a beer to drink. One option is to sit down for a drink at “Alte Börse” in Marzahn where they sell their craft-beer called “Marzahner”.


Biking tour to Müggelsee

Müggelsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in Berlin. It only takes about an hour to get there from the city center. Once you’ve arrived, you should treat yourself with a tasty “Fischbrötchen” (something like a fish-burger) and, of course, go for a swim in the lake.


© Tina Thiede Picnic at Preußenpark

Apparently, Thaiwiese in Preußenpark is one of the greatest places on earth to taste Thai food (ok, except for South-Asian markets maybe). Try it yourself and enjoy the tasty, tasty Thai food there.


© Matze Hielscher Dancing at Monbijoutheater

You’ve probably been to open-air festivals at  ://about blank or  Sisyphos already. But it does not always have to be all electronic beats for crazy dance moves. At Monbijoutheater for example, you can learn to dance mambo, tango or swing. Feels like Dirty Dancing!


© Torsten Seidel Yoga at Badeschiff

Usually, you go to Badeschiff to swim and/or party. During summer time, however, they also offer yoga classes twice a week. A great way to start your day!


© Matze Hielscher Horse racing at Hoppegarten

If you like horses and if you like races, the race track Hoppegarten is the right place for you. Bet and win!


© Bootsverleih Plötzensee Pedal-boat ride on Plötzensee

Some people like to call Plötzensee “Plautzensee” (Plautze = (big) belly). Situated opposite of Volkspark Rehberge, it is a great place for sunbathing and observing all the “Plautzen” at the bathing beach. And on top all that, you can also rent pedal-boats there. How awesome is that?


© Milena Zwerenz Make a day trip to Pfaueninsel

Summer is the best time to pay a visit to Pfaueninsel, a little island in the middle of Wannsee. On the island you have real peacocks, water buffaloes and a beautiful small palace. If you’re tired of the noise in the city and you long for a more quiet place, a visit to Pfaueninsel will make you happy.


© Milena Zwerenz Down by the river: drinking beer at the Spree shore

If all beer gardens are too crowed and you don’t want to spend too much money on drinks, you can also have the perfect summer day just sitting on the shore of the Spree. Grab a bottle of beer at one of the Spätis (these shops that are basically open 24/7 and that offer above all beer in all kinds of variations) and a picnic blanket. The nicest spots to hang out are: Holzmarkt, Insel der Jugend, nearby 02 World, Monbijoubrücke.


© Borke Berlin Rooftopping at Klunkerkranich

At the parking level of the shopping mall Neukölln Arcaden you can find not only a chill-out-café-bar called Klunkerkranich but also one of the best views over Berlin. You should definitely go there in case you are – by chance – one of these people in Berlin that are NOT blessed with their own gigantic roof terrace. You are not alone if you are one of them. Not alone at all.


© Milena Zwerenz Drive-in cinema in Reinickendorf

If you own a car that you don’t really have a use for in public transport loving Berlin, you should plan to pay a visit to the drive-in cinema in Reinickendorf. Don’t forget to buy some popcorn and to make out on the backseat of your car.


© Bode-Museum Concert Sundays at Bode-Museum

Every Sunday from September to June they have classical concerts at Clärchens Ballhaus, called “Sonntagskonzerte im Spiegelsaal”. During summer, indoor activities suck, even regarding concerts. That’s why they relocated the event outdoors to Bode-Museum. One of the best ways to end your weekends.


© Haley Phelps | unsplash Skinny dipping at Orankesee

If you enjoy showering naked (yes, that’s a joke), you should go skinny dipping at Orankesee. Even though they don’t officially celebrate showing off your bare skin there (no FKK-area), they tolerate naked bathing people.


© Manuel Heinemann Rent a "Bulli" and get out of town

The area around Berlin, this country called Brandenburg, is actually a really green region. You probably did not know that, because no one really does. Everyone always stays in the city. This is one reason to rent a "Bulli" (the typical retro hippie VW van) and go on a trip into the wild. Note: With a sticker from Landvergnügen you can park for free at serveral farms in Germany.


© Platoon Kunsthalle/Facebook Saturdays at Bite Club in Mitte

Every Saturday, the backyard of Platoon Kunsthalle in Mitte turns into a little food paradise called “Bite Club“. Here, you can get tasty street food while a DJ serves the crowd with music.


Day trip to Teufelsberg

Apart from the even taller mountains called Müggelberge, Teufelsberg is the tallest hill in the Berlin area. From there you not only have a nice view but you’ll also find a former American monitoring station.


© Brae Talon Stop and listen at Warschauer Brücke

Honestly, we don’t have any idea, how the musicians at Warschauer Brücke manage not to playall at the same time. There really is someone playing, singing, standing 24/7. While during winter time, freezing temperatures make you forget the beauty of these little open-air concerts, you should enjoy these gigs even more during summer.


Beer garden Willner-Brauerei

The beer garden is situated close-by Berliner Straße, two huge lime trees grow next to the entrance, the old buildings look charming. A really beautiful place!


Take a boat ride on the river

Berlin’s river Spree is not really famous for its water quality. Nonetheless, it is water and if there is water, there are also boats. You can either book a tour or go for something more fancy. Some rental companies even have wood rafts for rent.

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